From Shiga Prefecture, Nagahama city JR Nagahama station 3 minutes walk.
Is himself the nationally rare shop main omelet, while offering authentic ramen by the whim of the owner.
Lunch is of course also black tourism experience well and offers feel free to families with children.





Located 3 minutes ' walk from Nagahama station and omelet's main Western store.
Woori is the novelty can enjoy authentic ramen!
Excellent modern restaurant with open kitchen facing counter seats, we offer authentic ramen with a Western omelet. Lunch is a private car park.

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Sales hours:[Lunch]11:00~15:00 [ディナー]17:00~21:00 Closed on Mondays / Wednesdays

The owner recommended menu
* All prices are tax included.

OMG co's commitment

Omurice The attention

Ramen noodles The attention

OMG co omelet, amount, size, large serving also as-LL, matched with Western style source and fixture choice is. The Ramen's original double standard and omelette rice store!
Occasional limited menu provided in the idea-packed!

Voice of the customer



"Eggs are fluffy."ramen is delicious", we are many!
Voice your pleasure received from customers to the kitchen OMUICO Jinji actually introduce our company. In our meal, to order!

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